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Logitech Mice

The easiest method to keep your Logitech Mouse safe against scratches, dirt, dust, grime and everyday wear damage is by using an IQ Shield protector. IQ Shield protectors feature all of the Logitech Mouse's essential cut-outs for buttons and ports that allow your device to remain completely operational. IQ Shield protectors are crafted from high quality protective film that features a UV protective layer that will prevent the protector from turning yellow. Each protector is invisible to the naked eye and the smooth surface makes it look as if no protector is installed. Each protector can be effortlessly installed and removed just as easily without ever leaving any residue or marks that will damage your device. Each protector pack comes with instructions, a squeegee used for installation, a protector, and a microfiber cleaning cloth to help you clean your Logitech Mouse before the installation. All IQ Shield protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty that will replace your protector free of charge should it ever wear or need to be replaced.

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