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Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.)

Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Generation)

Keeping your Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.) safe against damage such as scratches or unwanted particles like dirt and grime can be a tricky task. IQ Shield protectors make keeping your device protected and clean easy. Each protector is accurately made for your Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.) to guarantee that all of the vital openings are incorporated to keep your device completely operational. The high quality protective film also features a protective UV layer that prevents the protector from turning yellow, allowing it to remain crystal clear. IQ Shield protectors for the Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.) are smooth and appear as if nothing is installed on your device. Our protectors for the Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.) are easy to install and can be removed easily without ever leaving any residue or marks that can damage your device. Each protector pack features directions, a squeegee used for installation, a protector, and a microfiber cleansing cloth to help you clean your Apple TV (2nd & 3rd Gen.) before the installation. All IQ Shield protectors are backed by a lifetime warranty that will replace your protector free of charge should it ever wear or need to be replaced.

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